Lil Peep 'Teen Romance'

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Long, long time ago I drew a really shitty drawing for Lil Peep and he ended up asking me if he can use it for his upcoming EP 'Teen Romance'.

Glossy vinyl sticker, size 2.5"x3.3".

If you have any questions, please read my FAQ. If your question is not in my FAQ, feel free to email me.

If any affiliate of Gustav, or his mother, have any issues regarding me selling this item, please contact me my clicking the 'contact' option available on this site. From there, it will be sent to my business email.

I have no intentions of "profiting" off of Gustav's death. I loved Gus and his music, and have pretty much from the start! Which is why I drew him to begin with, and he asked if he could use it as cover art. I decided to make these as stickers well after he passed, just as a little something to remember him by.

Anybody who uses or claims that this art is theirs is fraudulent. Thank you.